Benefits of fasting olive oil

Fasting extra virgin olive oil is one of the daily routines that many nutritionists recommend, do you know why?

The benefits of fasting olive oil are multiplied when you eat it on an empty stomach. When our body has spent a long time without having ingested any food, the body goes through different states. One of these is hypoglycemia. In this state, our body absorbs what it receives faster because the blood glucose level is lower than normal. In addition, when the body fasts, the system is not working on any digestive process, so you can focus all your attention on the process of digesting the food and benefit the most from each of its properties.

What happens if I take olive oil on an empty stomach?

Olive oil first thing in the morning mainly affects the digestive system and liver. Starting the day with a tablespoon of olive oil on an empty stomach promotes digestion and helps the intestines perform their functions optimally. Olive oil acts as a lubricant and facilitates stool circulation. Therefore, it is considered an excellent ally for people suffering from constipation.

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The liver is another major beneficiary. Consumption of the oil helps reduce stomach acidity, as it protects the stomach and prevents the consequences of stomach acid. The effect of olive oil on the liver, it is able to neutralize the feeling of acidity due to excess acids. It is also considered the fat that best preserves it, as it cleanses and purifies it, allowing it to perform its functions more effectively.

All these are some of the benefits of fasting olive oil. In addition to these, we should highlight its great anti-inflammatory character. This is due to polyphenols. These antioxidant compounds are characterized by protecting cells from oxidation and delaying aging. They also strengthen the immune system, regulate what we know as “bad cholesterol,” and protect us from cardiovascular and bone health. Consuming it on an empty stomach will allow our bodies to optimize absorption and take advantage of each of its benefits.

Olive oil on an empty stomach for constipation or take olive oil on an empty stomach for the liver.

These are just two of its many benefits…

Take care of your body and include Alèa oil in your morning routine!

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